Yamaha XV750 Cafe Racer

Want to build an XV750 Café Racer but it all looks to hard?

 Well we have made it easy as pie for you, with a bunch of bolt on parts.

Have you seen those steel Benelli Mojave tanks from India on ebay?
We purchased 4 of them and they are very poor quality, rusty inside and out and peppered with small pin holes, the worst one had 21 leaks in to fix. They also were all different sizes and shapes.

We are now making some bomb proof rotational moulded Benelli Mojave style tanks. They  have all brass inserts for mounting and are fully paintable. Check below for more details
Increase the low 8 litre volume as well to something a bit more acceptable 10.6l

Also on offer is.
Modification and fitment of R6 forks.
Wire wheel building front and back, yep we have worked it out with readily available parts. Its not as difficult as made out on the forums. See below for a link that will show you how its done

The parts and pricing we have so far is.
• Seat subframe $350

seatnframe SUBFRAME
• Battery box $30
20140122_092023 20140122_092039
• Tail light / rear indicator bracket $45
• Tail light $33

• Headlight $80

IMG_2275 IMG_2276 IMG_2277

• Acewell speedo 9000rpm (chrome or black) $359


• Indicators (hammer chrome or black set of 4) $120

Chrome Black
• Rear wheel to suit front conversion mods $100 (this relates to the work needed to the wheel to fit up a supplied kit from the US)
• Super tough rotational moulded tank with increased volume TBA Work in progress
• R6 front end conversion POA
• Wire wheels POA

Click the link below for all the info on how to do it


  • Now taking order for the new Nylon plastic tank $450These tanks are made from Nylon which is fully paintable with no problems. NOT like a dirt bike tank, which are made from polyethylene. Fuel permeates through polyethylene which is why you cant get paint to stick and stickers will just fall off.
    These are designed to go on to the Yamaha XV750/920/1000 from 81-83 (with our fitting kit $30).
    This tank can be mounted to almost any bike. All mounting points and fuel tap fixing points have molded in brass inserts.
    It has a standard bayonet filler neck (if you also want a fuel cap $30 please let me know)
    This tank was CAD designed and tooling CNC machined to achieve the highest quality. No expence was spared in the construction of these tanks

    They are designed to take a standard Yamaha petcock with 33.5mm bolt centers.


    Length 580mm 

    Width 260mm 

    Height 230mm

    Weight 2.6kg

    Vloume 10.6L

    To find out how to paint your Nylon Tank check the link below, don’t freak out its easy.

    Painting your Twig TT nylon tank

    For more info and pictures check Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/twigtt

    or go to eBay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/111778296622?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649


    USA/Canada $87.45

    UK/Europe $112.60

    South America $129.90

    20150527_102902 20150527_103831 20150724_080201
  • Fuel cap $30


  • Tank mounting kit $30

tank mount kit

  • Air filter adaptor this part makes fitting a K&N filter super easy $30

air fliter spacer re

  • The basic kit to get you going $970

ebay kit

This kit includes all the parts in the photo.

plastic tank (approx 12L capacity and you can use your original fuel taps) $450

Chrome fuel cap $30

Tank fitting kit $30

Seat subframe (to suit the MotoLanna v3.0 café seat). $350

ABS battery box (fits the Antigravity 12 cell small case battery or similar) $30

7″ chrome headlight $80

All this adds up to $970

The new Nylon plastic tank is ready for release.

Now available $450 these come raw and need to be painted properly.

To find out how to paint your Nylon Tank check the link below

Painting your Twig TT nylon tank


This one has been painted and hes come up sweet.


Now don’t forget to like us on Facebook Twig TT to get all the latest updates

We now have an online store to make your purchases even easier ONLINE STORE

If you have any questions please email trx850caferacer@live.com

Have a look at Nick’s bike almost done.



104 Responses to “Yamaha XV750 Cafe Racer”

  1. Can you tell me where I can get the Xv750 rear wheel 2 front conversion kit from theres lots of pictures but no supplier details
    Hope you can help

  2. Hi Ian-
    Do your conversion bits work on the post ’84 Virago with external rear shocks?

  3. pls give ur advise on where did u get the handlebars from?

  4. Hi Guys, Just picked up my XV750 yesterday and am looking at a shopping list of parts. Is there any chance of any photos to go with the price lists above so I can just make it clear what i am getting. Thanks in advance. Great site by the way

  5. Greetings from Reno, Nv., USSA……I have 4 monoshock 750/s a will be turning into road race replicas’, i.e.., “cafe racers ” ( i hate the term..)as such, I am looking for a source for all the control cables and fluid lines as they have turned into a pain in the ass on an otherwise easy conversion………PS., I have a bunch of leftover stock parts typically associated with tearing garbage off one of these things if you know who wants them cheap…….also,know of any electronic ignitions for these ( proven reliable.) ? Regards, Philip….

  6. I posted 2 comments separately,one for each bike I checked out, and you dismissed the latter comment stating I’d “already said that..you are mistaken.

  7. Phil Thomson Says:

    hi there, when will the steel gas tanks be available? and does your tank mounting kit work with the original benelli tank or is it especially for your modified tank?

    • Hi Phil, We don’t make a steel tank and don’t plan to. We can make you a glass tank or soon to be available plastic tank.
      The mount kit is designed to only for our tanks, Sorry.

  8. Joseph Robert Says:

    Hi thr, I’m looking for a fuel tank to suit 96 virago xv750. Will the fiberglass tank would mount straight to the bike without any modification and how strong are these tanks.
    Is there any chance of increasing the volume of the tank from 12lt to 15lt.

    • I’m not sure if these tanks wold go straight on the 96 without modification. But it would only be a matter of you making a mount kit for it. You could increase the volume by cutting out a section of the underneath and re glassing in a new section. This will all depend on clearance you have.
      These tanks are quite strong but not as tough as a steel tank, or one of our soon to be released plastic tanks which will be almost indestructible.

  9. What’s the deal with the r6 fork mod. What do you offer and what do I have to do

    • All you have to do is send me your triples from the R6 forks, I do a little bit of machining then you have to get some new bearing from all balls and its all done, the cost of the work form me is $100AU

      • I have a Triumph Speed Triple (1050) fork and triple tree i want to use on my xv 750 cafe. If i send it to you can you do the same as you do with the r6 or is the more to it ?

      • I would really have to see the triple tree before I could give an answer I would need to measure it up.
        If you want to send it to me for assessment I am happy to see if it will work. Cheers

      • Thanks for the reply. So just for my understanding, is it just the steering stem that needs machining down?

  10. ian can you please read what I wrote to you and email me back I would like to get this project rolling thanks justin

  11. Hi guys, I am wondering if the tank and seat subframe will fit a 1982 virago xv 920? would love to order a few parts for my build!

  12. the mono shock mounting kit??

  13. Hi There, I’m interested in all your main parts. My question: the Wire wheel building front and back, what’s included in the wheel building and what’s the cost?

  14. Charlie b Says:

    What kind of resin are the fiberglass tanks made of and how much do they weigh?

    • We used a vynalester resin Hetron 922 and they weigh around 3.3kg.
      We no longer make these as we are doing the Nylon plastic tanks now which are fully paintable and and super tough they weigh only 2.6kg

  15. It is from Japan.
    I want your sub-frame and battery box.
    Please tell me the price and shipping and payment methods and delivery.

  16. How much for the kit without the headlight ?
    It’s for France shipping 😉

    • Hi Bernard, this is the pricing Subframe $350
      Battery box $30
      Fuel tank $450
      Tank mounting kit $30
      Fuel cap $30
      shipping airmail $225.20
      Sea Mail $111.20

  17. Hey, have you heard of anyone getting a roadworthy/ registration using your subframe and tank?

  18. Hello from Rhodes Island. Gr.
    All the nylon plastic tanks the come without the insert for the round Yamaha logo? Or it’s possible to choose, with or without insert? And this the email for the order ? racer6692@yahoo.com
    Great job guys !

    • Hi Fabio, All the Nylon tanks come without the insert we removed this to allow more scope for paint and to suit many other brands of bikes. The email to order is trx850caferacer@live.com
      the other email is if you want the kit to make a rear wheel fit on the front. Regards Ian

  19. Hey,
    Very keen on the kit, what payment methods do you take? PayPal?

  20. Hi. I have an 82 virago. Do you sell any rearsets kits for brake and shifter?. Thanks.

  21. Hello,

    Your nylon tank is good for XV500?

    My frame is 5,120 inch width (13 centimétre) .

    Best regards.


  22. Are these kits readily available? If not what is the wait time on the kit?

  23. Hi from Montana! Do you sell modification and fitment kit of R6 forks for a virago 920R (euro model)?

    • The R6 forks need only slight modification to the steer tube and a bearing swap. the R6 lower bearing is a 31mm ID you just need to have this machined to accept a 30mm ID bearing as the top one is then swap out the bearing with the matching All balls bearings
      99-3515-15 which is ID 30 OD 48 and width 12
      99-3503-15 which is ID 30 OD 48 and width 14

  24. What rear set kit should I get for my xv1000 and could you make me some mounting plates?

  25. Steve Card Says:

    Where and how can I purchase an air filter adapter?

  26. Thomas Haskell Says:

    Just sent you an email. Wanting to buy some of your parts! They look great

  27. Robert Mimbela Says:

    Hello i am interested in your your kit without the headlight. How much is shipping to the U.S. and how long would it take to arrive?

  28. Hi. Do you sell spoke wheels for xv750 front and back? how much are they?


  29. Will your subframe support a passenger or will I need to reinforce it for 2 up?

    • Hi Bob this subframe is NOT designed to carry 2 people. To do this you need to have something engineered and approved by your local road traffic authorities. DO NOT put 2 people on one of our subframes.

  30. Will the seat frame kit fit the XV920R (chain drive model)

  31. Bonjour j aimerai vous achetez la boucle arriere et le reservoir pour mon 750 virago .a combien les deux?merci

  32. Steven Tavarez Says:

    Hi, I have a 1983 XV500 I’m trying to turn into a cafe racer. Do all of these parts fit on this style bike/ engine. I’m looking at the photos above and it looks like the same style bike. Please let me know if it is compatible, I’m really interested in this whole kit. Thanks.

    • I am unsure if this stuff fits the 500 I would like to get my hands on one but I dont think we got them here

      • Steven Tavarez Says:

        Is there anything I can check on the bike measurement wise to see if they’re compatible? I mean everything looks the same minus the engine size. I’m really interested in buying the set, this is the only thing holding me back. Let me know, Thank you!

  33. Md.Aminul islam Says:

    sir what will be wheelbase this cafe racer? kindly pls.

  34. I have a 1982 Yamaha Xv-750 Virago, and i am looking for someone to build a custum seat and subframe, i have pictures of what i would like done if there is a way i can send them to you by email or text message i will. Need help thanks.

  35. Christoph Witt Says:

    Hi I would like to buy the rear frame and the battery compartment. Please send me the bank details and I will transfer the sum. Greetings Christoph from Berlin 👋

  36. Ricardo Llamas Says:

    What would shipping be for a subframe, tank and battery pan be to to US?

  37. Andrew Dickens Says:

    I would like to convert my 05 Yamaha XV250 Virago to a cafe racer style seat.

    Do you offer something that would do this?

  38. Hi, I am after the seat subframe and the battery box for my Xv750 frame. Are these products still available to purchase? Do you ship internationally (Australia)? Is the website live?

  39. Bryce Howell Says:

    I live in the USA and am looking for a subframe for a virago that will accept a flat brat style seat is this something you guys offer? Also read previous comments mentioning the rear to front wheel conversion do you know if these are still available? Thanks

  40. Craig maurer Says:

    Hi, do you a mount kit for a steel tank?
    I have already bought a steel one before I found your web site. How does the tank fitting kit Work with the round bits?
    Thanks craig

  41. Aaron Schneider Says:

    Hi my name is Aaron. I just got a 81 Virago and am looking into doing a cafe racer style bike. Looking at the seat bracket and battery box. Also had some questions about the headlight and tail light bracket. How does the tail light bracket attach and what does it look like? Does it have a place for a license plate as well? And is the headlight a conversion to a halogen bulb or Not?

  42. Theo Waterfield Says:


    Would your tank mounting kit work on the xv750 stock fuel tank?



  43. Aaron Schneider Says:

    Would you have any recommendations for rearward controls. Kind of having a hard time finding any. It seems like with this seat they would be a lot better plus I am looking at a 2 into 1 exhaust rhat would require controls be moved back I believe. Thanks in advance.

  44. Hi Aaron we supply these plates which will work with any universal rearsets cheers https://twig-tt.myshopify.com/products/xv750-rear-set-plates

  45. Hi how much for subframe And box batteur virago and shipping canada ….

  46. Conner Marsh Says:

    How does the tank mounting kit work exactly?
    I have a benelli style tank and I just need longer rubber tank bushings or something, just wondering if this can solve that problem.

    • Hi Conner, Our tank mount kit only suits our tank. We remove the rubbers an utilize the tube in the frame, then knock in the front mounts which then match up to our tank. This will not work with your tank. The Benelli tanks from India are quite difficult to mount, and the metal is of poor quality which make welding mounts to it difficult. This is why we ditched that idea and made our own Nylon tank, which also has more volume. Regards

  47. John Winward Says:

    Do you have a solution for mounting rearsets?

  48. hi! do you shipp the Air filter adaptor to Estonia?

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