Nylon Tank

These tanks are made from Nylon. NOT like a dirt bike tank, which are made from polyethylene. Fuel permeates through polyethylene which is why you cant get paint to stick and stickers will just fall off.

This tank was CAD designed and tooling CNC machined to achieve the highest quality. No expence was spared in the construction of these tanks

They are designed to take a standard Yamaha petcock with 33.5mm bolt centers.


Length 580mm

Width 260mm

Height 230mm

Weight 2.6kg

Vloume 10.6L

To find out how to paint your Nylon Tank check the link below, don’t freak out its easy.

Want to purchase this Rotomould tooling the price is $5000 AUD please contact us TRX850caferacer@live.com

Painting your Twig TT nylon tank

To purchase this tanks please go the the ONLINE STORE

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