First seat

First seat trim pan

First Rear Guard

First Rear Guard

first faring

First Fairing

Now it coming together

Trimmed seat

First Coat of Paint 1

First caot of paint 2







Here are some photo’s of the prototype tank, we would like some feedback on this, so we get it just right.

Tank Prototype 1

Tank Prototype 1

Twig TT


41 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. Looking fantastic.
    How long untill the kit will be available guys??

    • Hi Dave We are hoping to get our bike finished and to the WSBK at the end of Feb.
      So shortly after that we will knock out some parts for all that want them.

  2. she is definately looking very nice, thanks for the progress reports!

  3. Good work Twig. I’ve got mine in the shed already in bits waiting for your parts. I’ve hacked the back off the frame so I’m at the point of no return now. Lots of billet alloy bits waiting in boxes to go on to my naked version.

  4. A quick update on the cafe racer. All body work is off the the painters, the seat has been trimmed and I am waiting on some tail lights to come, then it will be an assembly job.

  5. Hi ya,

    Am waiting with eager anticipation.

    Might not sell them afterall!

    Please let me know the end results

  6. Hi JP,
    Should only be 2 weeks and I will have the first one done…
    I am building some stock now and have 2 orders ready to go.

  7. Excellent! What sort of cost am I looking at?


    • Hi JP,
      We havent finalised the pricing yet but the kit will be around the $1500 mark, which will include everything you will need. I expect to get all the CNC alloy parts back from the anodiser tomorrow, and our bike is supposed to be painted by the end of the week. Then we can all see the finished product….

  8. it has come up an absolute treat mate, im definately going to have to get one of those kits. big thumbs up!!!

  9. Will a more pillion friendly seat become available for the seat cowl ? And / or a more touring type seat pad ? How about access to the rear part of seat cowl for wet weather pants/gloves/tools , etc ? Apart from that I like what I see. Regards

  10. Nev ORR Says:

    I love the look and would it be possible to cut the seat cowl back to extend the seat into a pillion?

  11. Brendon Says:

    Hi guys,
    The cafe race style looks Fantastic! I reckon the tank prototype 1 looks even better. Loving your work. You have just changed my wish list!

  12. Sweet bike, awesome looking kit.
    Just trying to source a decent doner TRX. Hope to be ordering a kit soon.
    Are you able to post up some pics\sketches of what a duel seat conversion might look like? Would love to be able to interchange between the 2 styles (single seater and pillion capable)

    • Thanks, Darrin I am working on a naked version at the moment, then I will look into the duel seat option but this could be a while off yet.

  13. How much progress have you made on the naked version of this kit?

    Can’t wait to see photos of it!

    • Hi Dan, If you check out the Naked Cafe page.
      I update this whenever I get something done, Progress is a bit slow at the moment as I am flat out doing work stuff.
      I have a few thing ready to go though, so just keep checking the site.
      I am super keen to get it done ASAP.

  14. hi guys ..

    LOVE the kits !! was goin to go ur fairing version but have decided i prefer the naked option .. order to come !!

    would be nice to see 1 of your bikes with a black engine .. was a cheap TRX850 with a black mot for $3500 ATM ..

    the bike i seem to compare it to is the ducati clasic racer .. and for a fraction of the cost looks as good !!

    bout time some 1 in OZ maned up and brought out a bit of home grown original sickness !!


    joe “Perth” W.A

  15. $3500 TRX was on bike point Lol

  16. Dear trx guys,
    Both the half fairing and naked look great! How long would I needs to wAit on an order to be shipped to Sydney? And would what it cost to ship? Am interested in a pillion seat combo too should you guys build that option too!
    AGain, they look great!

  17. after having owned a 99 special trx 850. i think i wll have to go back and buy one ripe for a bit trix’n up ie cafe type

  18. G’Day guys, love your work. I have a ’96 T-Rex which is in lovely nick and runs beautifully (picked it up for $2,000!). I’d like to have it cafe’d as a 50th birthday present to myself, perhaps have the motor rebuilt as well (it’s done 104,000) at the same time. I was thinking along the lines of the beautiful yellow bike featured here and on you-tube but with spoked wheels, fork gaiters, a size larger front wheel, a double-disc front brake housed in a case made to appear to be a drum brake and couple of other minor differences.

  19. This site inspired me to get a TRX (ok i wanted one already – it just pushed me over – I still remember the first time I heard a TRX 7 years ago!).
    Just bought mine last night!
    Where are you guys based? Will be ordering parts in 3 months I reckon.

  20. Hi Twig, can you tell me if the clubman style bars would fit on the faired cafe model? I would be looking to replace the stock TRX850 high rise clipons with them if possible.


  21. Hi Guys
    Is the faired café racer kit available to the UK and at what price including shipping, just purchased a TRX850 with the intention of making it a special the orange painted TRx looks the business
    keep up the good work
    Cheers Phil

  22. dyson thomson Says:

    the seat looks great it looks like a duel,do you do a single seat

  23. dyson thomson Says:

    how much for the complete seat with number plate attachments and indicators.sent to cairns

    • Hi Dyson, Everything you need for the seat including standard trim, tail light and indicators comes to $888.
      Post to Cairns will be $55 Cheers Twig

  24. Great work, bike looks sweet. I’d like to get the same done with mine and then put some spoked wheels on and try and find a set of (or have a set made up) straight pea-shooter pipes. Any ideas on how a set of old triumph pipes might go?

  25. These look fantastic, Any word on a pillion seat, perhaps with a cover to look solo as per triumph thruxton???? I may have just found my donor bike 🙂

    • Hi Franky, there is to many issues with making the pillion seat.
      If you want the flat seat you need to cut the pillion part off the frame which is no problem with the RTA.
      But if you then want to make another seat frame to carry a pillion that’s where the drama begins. Lots of red tape, paper work and certification for each and every bike.
      Just to damn hard.

  26. Mark Sutton Says:

    Hello twig,the trx cafe racer is amazing,great job,do you know when the full kit will be available,fairing,seat unit,tank etc,keep up the great work.


    Mark Sutton.

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