Fitting Instructions


1/ Remove the Fairing, Headlight, Indicators & Mirrors.

2/ Remove the Screen from the fairing this will be re used.

3/ Remove the seat pads and tail section leaving behind the seat lock cable.

4/ Cut frame where shown in this photo, you can cut the triangle off if you want this will require the relocation of the indicators.

5/ cut the rear guard where shown in the photo

6/ Attach the headlight assembly to the original headlight mounting points. Don’t forget to plug it in, it’s a bit tricky but can be done.

7/ Fit Fairing, there is holes in the top which match 1 of the old mirror holes. If you want to use the standard mirrors, you will need to drill this out and also drill the second hole.

8/ Align the lower mounting points and drill a matching hole. The hole that is marked should match but I have left it un drilled in case it does not. You may need to bend the posts slightly as they seem to move quite easy. They will be solid when the faring is fitted up. Make sure the headlight is central in the cutout.

9/ The indicator position is also marked if that’s where you want them then bung a hole here to. There are many indicators out there so just get the ones you like best.

10/ Fit up the standard screen check all is ok. Now you can take it apart for paint.

11/ The seat will be assembled all you need to do is remove the loop form the standard seat base and fit it to the café seat

12/ Fit the seat release bracket and re rout the cable to suit. At this point you may want to tidy up the wiring a bit. I had to undo some of the loom to get the indicator wires to reach. You can also plug the frame with the plugs from the piece that was cut off.

13/ You will need to trim the plastic from under the seat to get the guard to fit nicely but it is not critical as it is unseen when the seat is on. I drilled 2 holes and bolted the guard underneath I used the oval marks in the moulding for location, make sure the top is bolted in position before drilling.

14/ Ok now you can pull it all apart and paint the lot (be sure to sand the fiberglass well as they will have some mould release on them) we rubbed it down with 400 wet & dry.

15/ We removed the radiator expansion bottle and ran the breather tube down onto the headers at the mounting point under the engine. It dripped for a while then stopped.

Paint up all the bits, put it back together and the jobs done hope it looks as good as ours.

How to baffle up those short megaphones.

Just pull the end piece off and screw on the baffle plates, done

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