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  1. michael hart Says:

    hi, just wondering how much the wire wheels would cost as this is what would set the bike off. would the wheels bolt straight in with existing spacers and brake set up. ive wanted to do a trx cafe racer for a while and you guys have done exactly what i was thinking, top job. what sort of wait is there for the complete kit. cheers michael

    • Hi Michael, The plan for the wheels is to be able to use as much of the standard parts as possible which would be, bearings,spacers, discs and drive. They will be a while off yet but I have started doing the CAD design. As far as price goes I am a bit unsure at the moment, but I think the hubs will have to be around $300 each to make it worth while otherwise the wheel set will be to expensive.
      I can have a full kit ready to ship in one week. Twig

    • Hi!

      Will you get the nylon Mojave style tank back in stock any time soon?

      Best regards,

  2. Hey guys good job so far when will we see some proto tank pix?

    • Hi Whitey, Thanks for you comments, I have just posted some photos of the mock up for the tank. Check it out in the Gallery…Let me know what you think?

  3. Looking good. Like the wire wheels.

  4. Hi Twig, is that an alloy tank on the naked or just painted to look alloy. Also would like to know if the naked headlight can be mounted lower without causing problems, as Id like to use clipons and would like the light lower anyway. Last but not least, have you any idea what USD front end anyone has found a good fit? aaaaa so many questions. Wire wheels would be good.

    • Hi Kranzy, Yep the tank is painted to look like metal. The naked headlight can move up and down a fair way no problem I just put it in the middle. As far as USD fornt check this forum these guys know everthing
      Ah the wire wheel thing I am still trying to find something that works for a reasonable price. Cheers Twig

  5. Hey guys,

    I really like the kit you have put together. I can’t seem to find any other cafe racer kit that looks as good as yours. That meens i am thinking of getting one in the future. The only problem is… I leave in Belgium (Europe).
    Do you have someone closer to me who distributes your kit or do you have experience whit overseas shipping? Do you even ship parts to the other site of the world?
    Not that i will order tomorrow, but if it is a no go, i can start saving for something else.
    thanks anyway

    • Glad you like it, We can send the kit to anywhere, I have sent one to Switzerland and also UK, so Belgium will be no problem. Cost is aroound $400AUD which is a bit of a killer.
      Cheers Twig

  6. Hi, Twig,
    just amazing that you are doing!
    I have similar problem like have my friend from Belgium, but my location is some further from you – it is Russia, Moscow. Can you please give me information regarding shipping and also an approximate cost for yours kit. Thx a lot!

  7. michael hart Says:

    hi, just wondering if the kit is still available and if its still $1525. im in sydney and would you know what the postage cost would be to nsw 2230. great kit. i first saw it at the oz motogp 2 yrs ago and thought it looked great in person. regards michael

  8. G’day Any word on a pillion seat, I have been looking at a triumph thruxton, but are little low in power, From a previous 900ss rider, I think I just found my next bike and will still have change to put into my drag car …… Now to find a good trx, These look bloody brilliant its a credit to you and I look forward to ordering a kit, Cheers

    • Its a no go on the pillion seat, the RTA have an issue with adding a pillion seat for legal reasons. You can remove a pillion seat with out a drama but when you want to add one there are all sorts of hoops to jump through, each frame has to be certified with weld x-rays and a hole pile of bull crap. So not touching it sorry.

  9. Craig Grant Says:

    Hey guys just wondering what it may cost for YOU to transform my 97 trx as apposed to just buying the kit and me cutting the frame etc. in rural nsw

    • Hi Craig, we charge $500 + parts and paint to do the build on a faring bike and $1000 + parts and paint for the naked.
      The end price will depend on how far you want to go, paint can be from $400-$700. Feel free to give me a call to discuss what your after 0425785110
      Cheers Ian

  10. Dee Burgin Says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve been in love with the Cafe Racer since I saw it in the GP expo tent some years ago ..!!! I have an imported Black TRX 850 with white frame 98 and wondering the turnaround timeframe for you guys to give my girl the full works ??? (inc. painting, motor works, kit etc) …. also because I’m a girl, I’d love some pink in the paintwork ???? Open to ideas ….!!! Thanks heaps.

    • The turn around time can vary a lot depending on the works you want. But if you allow around 4-6 weeks that should cover it. Pinkn it up will be fun a nice change from black n red.
      feel free to call 0425785110 to discuss the works.

  11. Hi, have you got the wire rims up for sale yet? I’m after a set. How much will they be selling for?im in NSW. Thanks

  12. Thank you, I’ll see what I need and source them.

  13. Hi again, I see all the details for an Xv. It’s a trx I have.

    • Sorry nothing for the TRX… I have seen one tho a guy from China sen through a pic of his TRX with wire wheels on it I have no idea what he used. I will try and find out.

  14. That would be much appreciated. I’m sure there’s a few of us out there who would like this look.

  15. Philipp Says:


    my name is Philip and I come from Germany (so please excuse my bad english :)) I found this website and I’m thrilled! I also have a TRX 850 and plan to convert to a cafe racer. I found a few pictures of the finished model in which I really liked the headlight: unfortunately I can´t find it on the internet. Since you seem a true professional in his, maybe you could take a look at it? Maybe you know what a headlight it is and maybe you even know where I can buy one…

    Philipp Krohn

  16. Just what I was looking for! Buddy of mine bought an ’81 XV750 we’re going to convert – and this stuff is just what we need. Do you ship internationally? And where are you located (country-wise)? I can’t quite ID your phone-number as there’s no country-code.. 🙂

    Cheers from Germany

  17. Michael Says:

    I sent you an email from this address about purchasing parts from your company? Just wondering if you got it and can you assist.


  18. Carlo Romano Says:

    Hi There,
    I am keen to know when your plastic tank will be ready for the XV750 cafe? I’m keen to order the kit but want to wait for the plastic tank. Does the fitting kit that comes with the tank require alterations to the frame as I want to send the frame off to be powdercoated but only if there is no alterations needed?



    • Hi Carlo, I got the second sample yesterday the first one we chopped up to check wall sections and inserts etc. This one is now going to be painted and filled with fuel. If all this checks out we will be ready to go into production. Cheers Twig…Just a few more weeks and we will be ready.

      • Carlo Romano Says:


        I forgot to ask about the fuel. I live in the UK and the ethanol content is about 5% but soon to go up to 10% (I think). I believe in Aus you guys already have 10% ethanol in your petrol – is that right? One last point – is the price of the plastic tank going to be the same as the fibreglass one?



      • At this stage the cost will be $450 but this is not firm as yet, and the tanks will take any fuel. Cheers

    • The frame needs no mods, just make sure the you keep the front tank mount tube clean inside as our mounts knock in and are a tight fit

  19. Hello,
    We would like to cooperate with you. Please contact me

  20. Really like the looks of your virago builds.
    I have a xv500. Will your cafe parts fit it.


  21. Welcome to everyone! My name is Ollie.
    I am new user on this forum

  22. Do you cut forks?

  23. Do you still make the cafe racer kits for the 1981-1982 xv750?

  24. Luis zaragoza Says:

    Hello I was wondering if you had a schematic of a stripped down wiring harness for an xv750 nobody has an answer , I hope you can help.

  25. Hi i bought a subframe about a year ago and im finally getting around to wrapping this project up. But im wondering which bolts you used to mount the subframe because the stock will not work.


  26. Hi like your work.
    Like the logo
    Im looking for a bigger radiator to suit a trx 850. This for planned engine work.
    Are you able to help.
    Id send a photo of my bike not sure how to.
    So this is what ive done so far.
    R1 08 front end this required a custom steering stem.
    Over exhaust system.
    Reshaped the tank suttlely (cheated but just removed the raised section down the middle of the tank by filling either side)
    Protaper bars.
    XJ headlight or i think it is.
    Polished the rims.
    Next its on to the engine. Hence the larger radiator.
    I went and payed Brook Henry from VeeTwo a visit to enquire about the possibility of getting some cams from him. As Andrew Cathcart
    has a love for the TRX and has one for avprogect of his own its not out of the question at the moment.

    • Hi, I cant help with the radiator work we only do cosmetic stuff.
      I do know that Stafford motorcycles used to be heavily involved in modifying the TRX to race, it may pay to give them a call.
      They would know everything that needs to be done to really make it fly, the may sill have some race parts left over.
      Address: 90 Bell St, Heidelberg Heights VIC 3081
      Phone: (03) 9459 3427
      Cheers Ian

  27. will the seat subframe work.on my 2015 yamaha bolt.xv950

  28. Do you ship to New Zealand

  29. Richard Says:

    Hi I have a try I would like to convert to a cafe racer only I don’t have any of the original fairing brackets could you supply them thanks

  30. How do you order?

  31. How do you order? I don’t see that option anywhere.

  32. Frances Hutcheon Says:

    Hi there, I’m looking to tart up my lovely TRX and love the cafe racer kit! I travel a bit so still need the pillion for throw-overs and bag, but would like to do the front end. How much NZ$ for the full kit?

  33. Im building a TRX cafe race and purchased the solo seat from you last year and have modified the frame and mounted the seat . I added a huger rear mud guard and staytune conti mufflers.
    So far so good.
    Now moving to the front. My plan was to have a naked front end and also with minimal mucking around be able to refit the modified bikini fairing original head light setup when the mood takes me. I have it cut down to resemble early ducati fairing.

    I was going to keep the original triple tree handle bar assembly as I didn’t want to be to wristy with drop bars/ clip on set up.
    To that end I would like to fit chrome RPM Acewell speedo. Also round headlight and mount brackets to achieve the naked look.When i was checking out your products I saw the head light but no brackets . What is the availability of brackets and price.
    Lastly the speedo, is it a kit with wiring and connection diagrams. Dose it read speed in Kms as well as RPM or just RPM. Eagaly anticipating your reply and advise Regards Andrew McIntyre

  34. Sebastian Chaoui Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if the bikini fairing would fit onto a 2000 Honda cb600f Hornet. It’s already got quite a similar looking original fairing to the original TRX850. If not do you know of any cafe racer kits for the Hornets?



  35. Malcolm Norton Says:

    Hi there, in the next few days I may possibly own my very first TRX which I’m looking forward to. However, I’m looking to make it into a Café Racer rather than the original look, ideally I want to replicate something like the Ducati Sport Classic in style, are you guys able to make a seat that’s a little more like the Duc? How much is the single headlight assembly to have it fully functional and roadworthy? Thank you

  36. Dave swilks Says:

    G’day folks I purchased a subframe kit .tank and battery box a couple of years ago off you.bibam looking to purchase a cafe styy seat .are they still available cheers Dave

  37. Darryl Wood Says:

    Hi, I’m interested in the XV750 seat frame and battery box. Do you have a price for delivery to Morwell Vic?

  38. Mick Lendrum Says:

    Greetings, I am after a front guard to suit the original style forks. New or second hand and any style. Hope you can help. Thanks Mick

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