After recently selling and organizing the sale of 2 TRX cafe’s.

I have found out that to obtain a RWC in Victoria you will require an engineers VASS certificate you can read about this on the Vic Roads website and find testers. The cost for this is around $440. and the RWC cost approx $125

The VASS tester will go over the whole bike including lights and exhaust. So make sure your bike is super quiet when doing this test. Funny tho he never tested the brakes or looked at the tyre’s. Which was the first thing the RWC tester looked at.

I found that the VASS tester seems to have a separate set of rules to the RWC tester which is very frustrating.

Basically if you can pass a VASS inspection you will defiantly pass a RWC, if your tyre’s and brakes are all good.



2 Responses to “RWC in VIC”

  1. Nick Schopp Says:

    Just wondering if the kits are still available , if so how much is the complete kit

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