Tank sale time

Its tank sale time, snap up one of these super tough nylon tanks including a fuel cap for only $420
Get in quick as stock is limited.

8 Responses to “Tank sale time”

  1. dermot mcinerney Says:

    Hey are twig still doing the trx cafe racer kit??

  2. rusell owers Says:

    what would it cost for a trx top fairing and headlight bracket im in victoria and will sweep your floors lol
    also what size headlight is needed ?
    thanks heaps for the inspiration

  3. So these tanks are a straight bolt on fit for a TRX or is adaption required?Does keeping the original seat mean there is a gap between seat and tank or is it a tidy match?

  4. Mark Scott Says:

    Can you please tell me if these tanks have the 68mm tank recess. Some pictures have them and some not.

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