Thanks to all the people who made a donation to the CF fundraiser, a total of 169 fundraisers raised just over $70,000 a damn good effort.

For the record I ran 2 laps of the 10.8km circuit 1 of which pushing my son in a running buggy needles to say I was pretty spent. Next year I plan to go for 3 laps so save up your donation money cheers Twig


To all those people that have used this website and have sent me many emails asking for and recieving advice.

If you are happy with my service and products I ask you please to donate to the Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser 65 for CF

My 4yo son has this condition and is undergoing some intensive treatment right now to help him breathe easier in the future.

This event is organised 100% buy selfless volunteers and 100% of the funds raised goes to the cause.

I have a team of friends  participating in this including myself (I plan to run 22.6km)

To donate is easy just click on the link and your away, every little bit helps and its never to late.




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