Our TRX show bike is For Sale

Its time to raise some funds for our next project.

So our original TRX show bike is up for grabs this is one of the nicest bikes you will ever find.

This bike is the one featured in Motorcycle Trader Magazine and has been on display at the MotoGp and Superbikes in the past.

It has 49,200km and runs like new. We will supply the bike with RWC in Vic and still has 4 months reg left.

We will consider offers around $7000 which is approximately what it would cost to build one from scratch.



If your after a Naked TRX well you may be able to twist my arm on my Naked as well.. for around the same money

This is the bike that won 2nd place in the show n shine at the MotoGp

IMG_5694 light 0n_flat


2 Responses to “Our TRX show bike is For Sale”

  1. lemonct Says:

    Ian, any hints on what that ‘next project’ might be? 🙂

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