TRX850 Wire Wheels


Its been done wire wheels on a TRX850.

Philip in China has done this conversion.

Nice work Philip. Time for a new café faring now.


This is exactly what he said he as used and is ALL the info I have.

So its time for us all to do some homework and if you come up with anything let us all know.

The rear wheel I use JH600  this is a bike buide in my country 
I need more detailed know you want to ask what
In front I use Yamaha  xv400  CAN FIT THE brake disc   
This is the JH600
Jialing JH600
and the Yamaha XV400


2 Responses to “TRX850 Wire Wheels”

  1. Thomas Post Says:

    Pls send more details…. where we can order all parts ?
    Whats the price for all items.?
    The Wheels Looking :-))))))

    • What I wrote in the post is all the info I have.
      I haven’t done any research on this as yet, but if you come up with something please let me know and we will share it

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