Yamaha XV750 wire wheel conversion

One of the most asked questions is what do I need and how is the wire wheel conversion done.

Well this is how I did it. Just click the link in orange below and all will be reviled


3 Responses to “Yamaha XV750 wire wheel conversion”

  1. Fantastic! Good stuff, Ian – solving the mysteries of the XV conversion! I, for one, appreciate your articles, and thank you for not keeping ’em all a secret. (I will have to make a start on my XV one of these days). 🙂

  2. Thanks very much taking the time to prepare and publish this write up.
    Any chance of a pic with the wheels fitted. All the ones on the net I’ve seen have used the same wheel diameters when as std when converting to spokes. Just wondering what it looks like with smaller sidewall tyres

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