XV tanks ready for production

I finally have the fibreglass tanks ready and are now taking orders.

The price is $450

The volume is a touch over 12litres which is a 50% increase on the ebay tanks from India

Here are some shots of the test tank.

tank1 tank2 tank3 tank4


9 Responses to “XV tanks ready for production”

  1. Mike Rossouw Says:


    Could we have prices on this as the shape looks great.


  2. Once again, outstanding work, Ian. 😀

  3. What resin are you using on these?

  4. Hey mate you stilll have these tanks available?

  5. Callum McLeod Says:

    Can you confirm that the xv750 tank will fit directly onto the xv750 1981-83 frame with no modifications?
    If so I would like to order one ASAP.
    I look forward to your response.

    • Yes that’s right you will need our mounting kit tho for $30AU.
      Please email trx850caferacer@live.com to order. Cheers Ian

      • Callum McLeod Says:


        Can I order one please and the fitting kit. I live in the united kingdom address

        If you can tell me what the postage, tank and fitting kit total I will fire the money over.
        Do you have a paypal account set up for the payments?
        Regards, Callum.



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