Yamaha XV750 Seat subframe

We have just finished a batch of subframes the price is $350AU

Get in quick as they are disappearing fast.



Still working on the tank moulds but getting close now.


22 Responses to “Yamaha XV750 Seat subframe”

  1. Hello, I would like to ask is it for the seat from “motolanna Seat Cafe Racer 3.0” ?

  2. Do you ship to canada?

  3. How do i purchase, are the tanks go to go yet?

    thanks Kev

  4. Much niver than the Hageman seat bases, IMHO. (y)

  5. Excuse my ignorance but does these subframes also fit on a 1993 XV 750?

  6. Nolan Cunningham Says:

    How do I purchase one of your subframes?

  7. justin Says:

    do you have any pics of your subframe with seat with stock tank

  8. Hello, is the frame still available?

  9. Gary R Olsen Says:

    Do your subframes fit a 1983 Virago 500

    • Hi Gary, This is not something I have tested. We are in Australia and the 500 was not available here so I cant get my hands on one to try it. I really need a solution which I am trying to work out. Stay tuned

    • Hi Gary,
      I have just purchased an XV500 frame to test our parts for fitment. Watch this space for updates over the next few weeks Cheers

  10. Theo Waterfield Says:


    Are you still selling these subframes and seat? If so what are the dimensions and do you post to the UK?



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