Yamaha XV Rear-to-Front Wheel Conversion

I have had many questions about where to purchase the Rear to Front wheel conversion kits.

Here is an email and instruction manual I received from Matt Dunlavey who makes these kits.

I am happy to fit them up for anyone who is a bit unsure about doing the work themselves. I fitted up the kit on Nicks bike and it all went together very well, this is a top quality product.


Hi Ian

I just kicked-off a new batch. Hope to ship kits in late-Aug. A kit would be $195 shipped Internationally. Easiest way to pay is via Paypal to racer6692@yahoo.com – or I can send you a Paypal invoice if you let me know your Paypal email address.

Attached is the Instruction Manual for you to preview.

I’ll need to know which rear wheel you will use for your conversion. All of these rear wheels interchange directly onto the rear of a XV750/920 or XJ650/750 and can be used on the front with the appropriate drum OD conversion kit on the front. XV920 and XJ750 will go from dual front disk to LH disk only (has worked fine for many customers).

Max tire width up front is a 130/90 depending on the brand/model. Just about any 120/90 or 120/80 should fit fine. Try to get a FRONT ONLY tire or a universal front/rear … never use a REAR ONLY tire on the front.

16×3 cast TWISTED SWIRL 5-spoke/5-bolt spline hub ’81-83 XV750/XJ650: 8″ drum OD kit ’81-83 XV920/XJ750: 8.75″ drum OD kit

16×3 cast RADIAL STRAIGHT 5-spoke/5-bolt spline hub ’85-86 XJ700 (not Maxim X): 8″ drum OD kit

18×2.15 cast TWISTED SWIRL 5-spoke/5-bolt spline hub ’82 XJ650 Seca or ’81-83 XJ750 Seca (non-turbo): 8.75″ drum OD kit

18×2.15 cast TWISTED STRAIGHT 4-spoke/5-bolt spline hub ’82-83 XZ550: 8″ drum OD ’82-83 XJ650 Seca (non-turbo): 8.75″ drum OD


Matt Dunlavey

Ann Arbor, MI



4 Responses to “Yamaha XV Rear-to-Front Wheel Conversion”

  1. Are these kits still available??

  2. Where do you find the drum OD conversion kit?

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