Mojave Style tank for the Yamaha XV750

Our Mojave style tank to suit the Yamaha XV750 is now well on the way.
We will be making these from fibreglass and will be of a high quality.
The volume will also be increased.

This tank can be adapted to suit any bike.

tank master


6 Responses to “Mojave Style tank for the Yamaha XV750”

  1. Love the tank, exactly what the bike needs to get it away from the downward sloping effect to the front of the bike. As soon as you have them on sale, I will be first in line.

    Great job in nailing the look and persevering through to production (words are cheap delivering a product takes real effort)


  2. I will be first in line to buy one when available, love the semi tear drop profile….great work.

  3. gaston robichaud Says:

    I was undicide for a mojave tank because the fuel capacity . But now i’m glad to see your product

  4. Vito Sabia Says:

    Hi, looking for this style tank for a 1984 Yamaha virago 500.
    Please send me info and price.

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