XV750 Cafe Racer build

We have finally got Dustins 1981 XV750 Café racer project all done and registered.

All it needs now is a full strip down, paint and polish. But that can wait till winter we have some road testing to do now.

This bike has the R6 front end and she’s LOW N LOUD.

20140401_215009 20140403_222559 20140404_161648 20140404_161705 20140404_161727 20140404_161842


7 Responses to “XV750 Cafe Racer build”

  1. looks amazing!! well done!!

  2. Looks fantastic! Were there any difficulties in registering with VicRoads? Was an Engineer’s Certificate required?

    • No drama its eligible for club reg so 90 days riding for around $120, you just need to find a club that will have it.
      I can recommend one if you need.

  3. Nice bike, where do the wheels come from?

  4. Any info on the footrest hangers?

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