To Easy

Here is the latest build buy Dave, and his comments.

Hi Ian

The bike came together well, it took about 3 hr to assemble, I unscrewed  the cowling on the head light and found it easy to plug in.

Very impressed with the style and fit of every thing, great the way the angel of the seat matches the front slope of the tank.

The head light works better than The original I have been riding to work in the dark and find it lights the whole road up.

The mirrors give good vision, I found the original mirrors really poor. The seat height is slightly higher than standard I find this an

advantage in the leg room department and gives a better feel to the bike. I may even put a few more mm under the rubber stops.

Great job you have done with this kit Ian, after years of changing things on bikes I have never seen something work so well and look so good.

Thanks Again Dave Dunn.



9 Responses to “To Easy”

  1. Rugbian Says:

    WOW, Beautiful looking beast!

  2. Great looking work. I have exactly the same doner black trx. Have you lowered the headstock – and by how much? I agree the seat angle looks appropriate. Pardon my ignorance (and forwardness) but how much would such a set-up set me back?

    • Hi Marshy, No mods have been made to the headstock or any other geom, she is all TRX, the parts cost was $1720 plus paint. Cheers Twig

      • Twig, Thank you for your reply. Does the price include the silencers? Have you thought about a side panel for under the seat?

      • Hey Marshy, This doesn’t include the mufflers or indicators. The side covers are on the to do list when I get some time. Twig

  3. Hey, what pipes are on this beast?

  4. hello i´m writting from spain. I would like to buy a front like yours. I look for but i don´y find it. Could you tell me where please?

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