Glyn’s build

You all should check our the forum posts made but Glyn, he is posting comments and a lot of photo’s of his naked build.

This is a great effort of a full strip down and re build. 

Glyn has now finished to see more photo’s look at the your bike page






4 Responses to “Glyn’s build”

  1. dean cunningham Says:

    Looks very cool. The black engine contrasting with the silver and polished alloy is a good look. Where did you you source the rearsets? And the alloy cooler core? Looking forward to further posts. Dean

    • Hi Dean,
      On Glyns post he said he got thr radiator off ebay and it fits a Suzuki LTZ400, and he just said the the rear sets were from China.

  2. Guy love what you have done with the bike . is the radatior the standed or after market

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