Rob’s Orange beauty

We have just finished a build for Rob, who came up with the amazing colour sceme. He is a very happy man.

Thanks again to Nick for his top quality photo’s. And now Youtube video


6 Responses to “Rob’s Orange beauty”

  1. Rob,
    I just love the colour, was it a custom mix or off the shelf??

    • Hi Chilli, I can answer that one it is a copy ot the Ducati 1974 soprt Orange. This was a very dificult colour to find as, there are no codes for old Ducati’s. I found someone who had worked it out and was kind enough to lend me his samlpe to colour match. So I guess the answer is it was a custom mix.
      Cheers Twig

  2. Love the rear hugger….is it an option in the kit ??

  3. Beautiful bike but the music in the you-tube clip destroys the sound of the bike.

  4. Hi there. Is there any chance Rob could post a few more pics? I’m trying to decide whether to go ahead and do the cafe build and Rob’s build will settle my indecisiveness. He’s done such a good job with the colour scheme and the hunger fills in the void under the sub frame nicely.
    Cheers. Brett.

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