Shane’s machine

Shane has just finished getting his bike together…Nice work

From this

To this

This is what Shane had to say about the kit

Attached are some photo’s of the finished Trex.   That is finished for now, there are still quiet a few things I want to do to it, like paint tank and other minor changes.
Being a qualified motor mechanic, over the years I have fitted a large number of aftermarket Items to both cars and Bikes and your kit is a stand out for the way things just fit without any need to modify brackets, fairing frame or the parts you supply, and the frame mod needed is so simple I think any dumb bastard (read as person without any mechanical knowledge who has never picked up anything beside the key to start the bike/car) could do it without any problems,   Once again thanks for everything.
Thanks Shane my aim was to make it as simple as possible, looks like I have achieved this.
Check out more photos of this bike on the Your Bike page.

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