Naked Cafe kit

There has been a lot of interest in the Naked Cafe, so I am now taking orders for the kit.

naked cafe

Here is a parts list. You don’t have to get all the parts, they are all available individually, but if you do this is what it will cost you.


Seat                                                  $290

Seat Trim Pan                                    $130

Seat Foam                                         $37

Seat Base Plate                                  $47

Seat Tank Bracket                              $16

Seat Release Bracket                         $20

Seat Base Rubber Strip                      $10

Seat Rubber stoppers 4off                  $12

Seat Trimming                                   $98

No Plate Bracket                                $18

Rear Indicator brackets                      $37

Tail light                                             $33

Tail light bracket                                 $20

Triple clamp                                       $450

Handlebars                                        $70

Headlight                                           $160

Headlight ears                                   $100

Headlight Base bracket                      $50

Muffler brackets                                $40

Baffles                                             $40

Indicators  set of 4                            $120

Mufflers                                            $200

Bar End Mirrors Halycon                   $220  The mirrors are on sale for $140 at the moment

Acewell speedo                                 $369

TOTAL                                   $2,587


12 Responses to “Naked Cafe kit”

  1. Hey guy’s,
    really nice job on the naked, do you need to change cable lengths with those bars, eg” brakes, throttle.???. Do you think there would be any problems with rego in NSW. Have you thought of a radiator guard to go with the kit??

  2. Is the $200 price for the muffler(s) each or for a set of 2?

  3. Is it possible to send you guys a donor TRX850 and you do the complete cafe racer conversion? Or is it so simple i could do it in my garage?

  4. ntonietti Says:

    Hi, I own a TRX and I like to know what kind of ESC you use, thank you for your reply

  5. This naked is so impressive that I bought a TRX last night just so I could build one. My wife says one of my other bikes has to go, any ideas on how to handle this problem?
    Cheers, great stuff.

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