Naked Cafe Finished

At last I have found some time to finish the Naked Cafe Racer.

Check out the Naked Cafe page for more photo’s


7 Responses to “Naked Cafe Finished”

  1. I bought a new special edition black staintune pipes and sproket in 2000, i would love to do what u have done, any contacts would be appreciated,
    regardes evan.
    ps have sold the low kay mod, will start again

  2. Looks Amazing, and the mirrors look great on there too!

  3. Hi guy’s,
    Dose the cafe’ fairing work with the bars on the naked??.
    what colour is that on the naked? I love it.
    Keep up the great work, its good to see the trx come to life with a little modification

    • The faring will work with the ace bars but you will need a new top yolk to make the bars work. The color is a light dusting of silver over black to give it that steel look. This was difficult to get right.

  4. Where is this elusive “Naked Cafe page” with more photos…

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