Troy’s bike

Troy has finished his TRX Cafe Racer and it has come up an absolute treat, check out the Your Bike page for more photo’s.


4 Responses to “Troy’s bike”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Ian has asked I leave a comment regarding putting my cafe racer TRX together and to include any problems encountered etc.

    I have very little mechanical knowlage and found the build to be pretty easy really. Following the instructions on the website and having a close look at the pictures helped.

    The main problem was getting the courage up to chop the back end off a perfectly good (very good) TRX. I cut it a little long and had to file down some of the frame so the seat unit would sit on. Also filed the cut frame where the indicaters mount to get the right angle (so they didn’t point in or out).

    I ordered the same brake/tail/number plate light used on the checked bike you see on this sight and Ian made me some wiring extension and a braket to mount it – all worked well.

    Ian also includes some wedge shaped plastic washer things which are there so when you mount the front indicators they don’t look like there sagging towards the ground.

    Doing this project was quite enjoyable and only cost me $6300 bike included. The stripes on the bike are a sticker. I’ll probably change the seat to black as I feel the seat and the stripes don’t go together – but it may grow on me.

    I recon this kit of Ians is a bargan way to get a retro looking machine with relatively modern performance and reliability.


  2. Troy, the bike looks owesome, great work.
    Love the red and white, I’d leave the seat the way it is.

  3. I agree with Leroy, Troy. In fact, this bike is exactly what I’m looking to build, colour and all! God, I almost need a minute alone I like it so much…!
    Congrats on your bike, it looks sensational!

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