Project Yamaha TRX850 Cafe Racer

Welcome to the Yamaha TRX850 Cafe Racer blog

The Idea

Turn a Yamaha TRX850 into a cafe racer

From this

To this…..Now the Yamaha TRX850 Cafe Racer kit is done


So whats next?

Naked Cafe check out the progress

We are still working on the tank and hubs.

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Motorcycle Trader Magazine issue no 232, due to hit the news stands on Friday 11th June 2010. You can read what they have to say about the TRX850 Cafe Racer.

Now you can read the article on the Motorcycle Trader Magazine Article page

Now we have a logo


51 Responses to “Project Yamaha TRX850 Cafe Racer”

  1. The bikini fairing is sexy in a brutish kind of a way. OK, I’ll admit that this sounds a tad gay but so is wearing leather pants without underwear – and we all do that, don’t we? Seriously though, the TRX is coming along nicely and I hope one day very much to have relations with it. Sorry, that is probably not a serious comment but the intent of showing my respect through dubious entendre is genuine. Clearly by ‘relations’ I mean ‘I would like to ride her one day’ and probably in leather pants without underwear. So the use if innuendo is justifiable and I have no behavioural issues that any of you need to be concerned with.
    Keep up the good work – love the updates.

    • Ross your more than welcome to take her for a ride with or with out underwear. I have just finished laying up the seat and rear guard moulds. So you may get to have a go very soon.

  2. I’ll have a double shot vanilla soy latte thanks.

  3. Count me in for throwing the leg over too Twig. Looking great.

  4. Looks fantastic guys,
    I have already purchased my donour bike to build one of these, I think wire wheels and a chrome trumpet style pipe will also finish it off will be a must. Can’t wait to get the kit and build the bike, awsome job guys and about time somebody come up with a cafe racer kit for a bike that sounds and rides fantastic, escpecialy compared to these other things you can buy which are only 200 and 400cc. A real Bike with style and performance to match, thats what we wan’t. Well done guys!!!!

  5. has it got a rear light?

  6. I have put 2 of these on
    I am going to see the roadworthy man next week to see what he thinks. I think I will need to add 2 more.

  7. Been watching and waiting in anticipation for the finished product.
    Looks awesome! Would love to see in the flesh can I view some time soon and order, at this stage maybe just front faring and seat unpainted.

  8. Can you take some purely personal comments / criticism on what is undoubtedly a brilliant project ??? OK, here goes ….
    The fairing would be more ‘cafe-racer’ if the lower part was longer (aka Paul Dunstall fairings of the 60’s)
    The seat is a little too long, and should really be a defined single seat, maybe with rear mudguard combined (as per the G50 / 7R racers or , again, the Dunstall unit)
    Other than that … love it and wish I had the time / money / expertise to do the same rather than bitch about those that get out and do it.

    • Thanks for your comments Red Rex. Point taken, these were most difficult issues to get around. I understand about the fairing, but the problem with lowering it re Dunstall style is that you would totally block the radiator. which would be bad. This was not a problem on a 60’s air cooled engine. Yes it is now a single seat, after much feed back we decided the seat length was right for this project, as some people would use the seat to put the mountain of electrics under the hump, and could also be used without the guard. It’s a modern take on the cafe racer it may not be to everyone’s taste but we love it.

  9. Congrats on the build, it looks great. Could you send me some prices.

    I love the TRX, and this makes it even better.

    You should include “trx cafe race” in your search – it doesn’t come up unless you search trx850.

  10. ps. just noticed the link to prices. Are you in Sydney – is this AUD$?

  11. Sponge Boy Says:

    Great job guys. It looked even better in the flesh when I saw it today at your workshop. If I had the extra shushka I’d buy a TRX this week and start chopping.

    All I would suggest, though, post some more pictures of the bike at different angles.

    Sponge Boy

  12. PiterJankovich Says:

    My name is Piter Jankovich. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

  13. How you find ideas for articles, I am always lack of new ideas for articles. Some tips would be great

  14. I can’t figure out how to subscribe to the comments via feedburner. I want to keep on top of this, how do I do that?

  15. Sound good. Its also my favorite topic.That’s great andthanks for the fine sharring.

  16. Gday mate,

    Just read the article in Motorcycle Trader and I work in Blackburn.
    I would love to come and have a look if possible.
    Always loved the TRexs and this just confirms it even more.

  17. bennynukar Says:

    Hey There!
    Just seen your kit in Motorcycle Trader, Love it! I ride a Harley Night Train and have been looking for a second (Sport) bike for the twisties. Was looking at a Buell XB9S(checkout Hide Motorcycles ‘Glory’ Buell Cafe Racer but that’s out the window now! I think The TRX850 is perfect for looks and $$$. I’ll let you know When I buy one and I’ll get you to send a kit to the Gold Coast. Awesome Work!

  18. Fantastic effort guys! I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to caffeinate a T-rex, they’re an awesome bike and great bang for your buck. Over the past year or two I’d sketched plenty of designs /variations on a care racer version of a TRX but unlike you had not made it a reality…….. I’m from Melbourne not far from Rooks Rd so I’d love to see the bikes in the flesh! Hope you sell heaps of the kits so there’ll be enough of us around to warrant a few rides in the future. Cheers.

  19. Hi guys, I’ve got a Cafe racer project, a 1982 GS650G got most of it sorted but really lookin for a tail and seat set up i can bolt on without too much modification! yours looks really good, hope you can help me out with size of yours and spec details so i can measure up and see if it fits! thanks guys

    • Hi Scott, I think that would it would work well, I have a 1975 XS650B and it really works well on that. Dimensions of the seat are, overall length 700mm, width at widest point is 295mm, width at the tank end is 210mm and the height is 180mm. Let me know if you need more info. If you are in Melbourne you can come check it out.

  20. Looks fantastic fellas, good work. It’s a perfect bike for this kind of project (you watch all the used trx’s values go up after people see a few of these mods riding around!)
    I’ll be keen to see the new developments thru the site. Love to see one in Thruxton yellow, just quietly

  21. Hi, great job, congratulations. I really like “cafeted” TRX´s and I like a lot your kit (maybe with little mods on the rear end). I published a link to your page on this post of my blog ( ).

    Greetings from Spain.

    • Thanks Marcos, I have spent quite some time reading your blog, wow so much info, I love it. I would like to get my hands on some of the CAD drawings you have done.

  22. Hi all, I should have my cafe Trx finished this week. Will send some pics in when its done.

  23. the fairing looks much like the raceglass I have on one of my rex’s,just with a round lite mounted in it??? do you have raceglass also incase I need another

  24. Those reverse cone mufflers on the naked TRX look goooood. Are these the universal type offered by Trojan Motorcycles? I want some.

    • Hi Troy, They are the ones and they just slip on. Let me know when you get some as they are mighty loud, I have made up some simple baffels which make them half OK. I can also supply some Stainles Steel bracket’s as well.

      • Trojan seem to offer a few different lengths on these reverse cone mufflers, is the naked wearing the short ones (17″ from memory)? I will contact you this coming week regarding the stainless brackets and the baffels (loud is good though).

  25. Just fitted some reverse cone mufflers to the TRX. They look good and are quite loud. The baffels tone it down a little but still a very nice note.

  26. also from germany- well done….

  27. HI dos any one have any standard parts for sale

  28. sandmacker Says:

    Vaery naice ! Q; Will you be making them in carbon fibre , and do you make a tyre hugger and front gaurds in carbon ? Looking for ways to peel the weight off

    • We could make the parts in carbon it just a matter of cost…That stuff is expencive and a bugger to work with we would have to send the moulds to an expert to lay them up. Anything is possible..

  29. Danny Daniels Says:

    Absolutely brilliant. I previously had a Trixie (stock apart from debaffled pipes) and loved it. I only got rid of it a couple of years back after doing 130,000+ kms on it (still miss it). Anyway looking at what you have produced I now have two options, to either see if I can get your parts to fit to a 1981 BMW R100 I am rebuilding or simply go get another TRX and run with your kit. I have found an English Website that offers similar kits, but for ‘air Head’ BMWs but if I can work within Australia this would be both simplier and help our ecomony. I average 700-750 kms a week riding into the City (work) and back, and with the occasional country trips I do reasonable Kms a year, hence my current ‘daily’ ride is another BMW (R1100RS). Anyway your thoughts/comments on best way to go would be most appreciated, as is the skill/time and effort you have put into producing these stunning bikes.

    • Hi Danny, Glad you like or kit. I am sure our parts could be modified to suit your BMW wit a bit of fabrication. Are you up for that? We can help out if needed with brackets and what ever. This can really add up it you cant do it yourself. We are in Melb where are you? Buy far the best way would be to get a TRX and it would be done in no time for not much money, you will have your much loved bike back, but in sexy clothes. Cheers Twig

  30. Love this design. I want one in my garage along with a new supersport. Best of both worlds. I can’t find the pricing and ordering details though?

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